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01/1975 Sankyo & Co., Ltd. is established.
05/1977 Begins dealing with the Formosa Plastics Group via Sym Tong Enterprise of Taiwan.
02/1979 The Formosa Plastics Group and the Steel Pipe Sales Department of Kobe Steel, Ltd. conclude a long-term agreement on the stable supply of seamless stainless pipes of Kobe Steel.
03/1982 Sym Tong Enterprise changes its name to Sym Wang Iron Steel and becomes the only inventory wholesale dealer associated with Kobe Steel in Taiwan.It aims to become the largest inventory wholesale dealer with the support of Kobe Steel, Ltd. and Shinsho Corporation.
05/1982 Establishes agencies for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Indonesia to develop markets in Southeast Asia. In particular, establishes a multipurpose base in Singapore.
01/1983 Begins dealing with Herbert-Dyson Stainless and Philip Corn (now TW METAL) of the U.K.
04/1985 Starts stable supply of oil rigs via GS-Hydro for oil fields in the North Sea and seamless stainless tubings for shipbuilding and Marine under a semi-long-term agreement (Kobe Steel products).
01/1986 Begins dealing with Kube-Stahl of Germany to expand sales in the European market (products of Nippon Steel Corporation).
09/198 Starts continuous supply to a major inventory wholesale dealer in Australia (Kobe Steel products).
11/1986 Opens an office in Oslo, Norway to expand sales in the Scandinavian market.
06/1988 Opens an office in Bremen, Germany in anticipation of German reunification and the enlargement of the EC
09/1989 Begins expanding exports to US inventory wholesale dealers via Trefril-Arbed of Europe/USA.
02/1990 Concludes large contracts with inventory wholesale dealers in Houston and the East of US (Nippon Steel Corporation and Sanyo products).
11/1991 Donghwa of South Korea and Kobe Steel Metal Product conclude a long-term agreement.
12/1995 Signs a joint venture agreement in Shenyang to build a seamless stainless steal pipe extracting plant. The joint venture is named Sanhui Stainless Tube. Construction of the plant starts.
05/1998 The mayor of Shenyang, consul general of Japan, president of Kobe Special Tube, and many other representatives of Japanese companies and friends attend the opening ceremony of Sankyo Stainless Tube.
08/1998 Begins exporting to major shipyards, including Dalian Shipyard of China (Kobe Steel products and Sanyo).
02/1999 Baoshan Iron and Steel (Shanghai No.5 Steel) guarantees stable supply of Mother pipes for plants in China.
01/2000 Terminates the joint venture agreement. Restarts the business by establishing a 100% independent Sankyo Stainless Tube, as name of Sankyo Stainless Tube(Shenyang)Co.,Ltd.
12/2002 Sankyo Stainless Tube achieves profitability and begins to make a contribution as a revenue source for the parent company.
10/2003 Exports for inventory wholesale dealers in the Middle East and exports of stainless steel pipes for inventory increase significantly in all over the world.
02/2004 Sankyo & Co., Ltd. relocates its head office to Shin-Koenji to facilitate expansion.
01/2005 Sankyo & Co., Ltd. celebrates its 30th anniversary.
03/2006 Closes its office in Bremen in Germany. Seeks to relocate it in Europe.
11/2009 Conclude a long term contract with Parker Hannifin .
12/2010 Establishes IXL Global Ltd/UK as agent to expand sales in Europe
01/2011 Opens an office in Singapore; Sankyo Singapore Pte Ltd.
01/2011 Opens an office in Japan; Sankyo Special Tube Co., Ltd.
12/2016 The factory in China was shut down and the two production bases were conslolidated into the factory in Saga, Japan with new facilities.
06/2019 Hiromichi Morikawa became president of Sankyo & Co., Ltd.