A reliable partner
for quality seamless pipes and tubes
- Stainless steel and Nickel alloys

Experts of seamless piping and tubing products
Stainless steel and Nickel alloy grades


Sankyo & Co.,Ltd.is a Japanese trading company
specialising in the export of seamless pipes and tubes in
stainless steels and other premium alloys
to discerning customers worldwide. Since its inception in 1975,
this family-owned and Tokyo-based business has been growing
in a sustained manner,

while at the same building and solidifying an international
reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner.




Sankyo employs many young workers;
the average age is 35 to 36, and these include employees of diverse nationalities.
For business, personnel need to understand English as a second language and in fact all of the workers are at least bilingual.
It does not matter which gender you are or which country you are from.
We entrust the important jobs to those who deserve it based purely on their ability.
Thus, the staff works together as an expert team to expand business with their quick decisions and prompt actions.